Monday, September 26, 2011

NOTE: Metro UI 2.0 Payment

As of right now, Metro UI 2.0 is free.  Eventually, I will move it to a paid app much like I did with the original application.  Some of you have expressed interest in not paying twice, which I understand.  I am hoping to release 2.0 over the Pro version of 1.0.  That way anyone that originally paid for the app will just receive 2.0 as an update.  I will research other means of accomplishing this but I believe this way is the easiest to make sure everyone that has already paid will not have to pay again.


  1. That's the news I and the community that follows you has been waiting for. Thankyou.

  2. I would pay for your app if you could add the development lines for updating tiles - missed calls, email count, google voice count, SMS, Gmail count, etc. I agree widgets slow down the UI.