Friday, February 11, 2011

BETA Closed

The BETA phase of Metro UI is closed.  The two apps, currently BETA & Stable, will be changed to Free & Pro.  I will still be supporting the Free/Beta version but any major new features (drag n drop, folders, animated tiles, etc.) will be only added to the Pro version.  In simpler terms here is a break down of what updates to expect depending on the version you currently have:


  • Bug Fixes
  • Live Tile Updates (Facebook Count, Twitter Count, etc.)
  • Bug Fixes
  • New features 
    • Folders
    • More live tile options (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    • Animated Tiles (People, Pictures, Calendar, etc.)
    • Drag n Drop (if I ever figure out how to allow a GridView to do this)
    • Custom Tile sizes (2x1, 1x2, etc.)  (again...if I ever figure out how to allow a GridView to do this)
As always I appreciate your patience.  I do work full time and I do have a life outside of work.  So even if updates slow down, rest assured I am not giving up on development.  I will post here once I feel all major development is done on the Pro version (v 1.*).

Drag n Drop and 2x1/1x2 Tiles may not get into METRO UI until v2.0.  Again please have patience.  I do plan on adding these features.  The constraints of my current design seem to make it impossible at the moment.  So it may take a major development effort (hence v 2.0).  In the mean time I may try to add a "priority" property of each tile that I can sort on.  That way you can at least re-order just not via Drag n Drop.