Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

NOTE: Metro UI 2.0 Payment

As of right now, Metro UI 2.0 is free.  Eventually, I will move it to a paid app much like I did with the original application.  Some of you have expressed interest in not paying twice, which I understand.  I am hoping to release 2.0 over the Pro version of 1.0.  That way anyone that originally paid for the app will just receive 2.0 as an update.  I will research other means of accomplishing this but I believe this way is the easiest to make sure everyone that has already paid will not have to pay again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Metro UI 2.0 Application Counts

As of version 0.0.3 developers can now update application counts for their apps.  Below is a quick tutorial on how.

This example shows how to update application counts in Metro UI 2.0.  The example we will be using is updating the count of the default "Phone" tile.  First, you will need to make sure you have requested permission to update application counts by adding the following "uses-permission" tag to your applications manifest file:

<uses-permission android:name="chrisman.android.home.metroui2.UPDATE_TILE_PERMISSION" />

Once you have permission, you can send intents by doing the following:

Intent i = new Intent();
i.putExtra("chrisman.android.home.metroui2.NAME_EXTRA", "com.sec.android.app.dialertab.DialerTabActivity");
i.putExtra("chrisman.android.home.metroui2.PACKAGE_EXTRA", "com.sec.android.app.dialertab");
i.putExtra("chrisman.android.home.metroui2.COUNT_EXTRA", MissedCallCount);

Basically what this is doing is sending a message to Metro UI with the identifying application information (Package and Name) along with the count you want displayed.

Pretty easy, huh?  If you have questions or need further clarification, let me know.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Metro UI 2.0

Sorry for the very long absence.  I had several family emergencies that have kept me from developing.  I have decided to start from scratch on the Metro UI project.  Now that I have a better grasp of Android and home replacement development I hope that a complete redo will be beneficial in the long run.  I have only just begun the process but I wanted to post a few screen caps and get your opinions.  I have also decided to not imitate Metro UI exactly and my own flair...hence the desire for opinions.  Anyway here they are:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Current Plans

With a majority of my functional list done I will be moving on to more maintenance work.  I will be stabilizing the current code, bug fixing, etc.  As well as focusing on creating more live tiles and tile counts.  As it stands now, here are my goals:

- Folders (yes I plan on doing folders, I just have not decided on a good design)
- Live tiles (polishing the people tile, calendar, etc.)
- Tile Counts (Twitter, Facebook, Email...probably K-9, etc.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

BETA Closed

The BETA phase of Metro UI is closed.  The two apps, currently BETA & Stable, will be changed to Free & Pro.  I will still be supporting the Free/Beta version but any major new features (drag n drop, folders, animated tiles, etc.) will be only added to the Pro version.  In simpler terms here is a break down of what updates to expect depending on the version you currently have:


  • Bug Fixes
  • Live Tile Updates (Facebook Count, Twitter Count, etc.)
  • Bug Fixes
  • New features 
    • Folders
    • More live tile options (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    • Animated Tiles (People, Pictures, Calendar, etc.)
    • Drag n Drop (if I ever figure out how to allow a GridView to do this)
    • Custom Tile sizes (2x1, 1x2, etc.)  (again...if I ever figure out how to allow a GridView to do this)
As always I appreciate your patience.  I do work full time and I do have a life outside of work.  So even if updates slow down, rest assured I am not giving up on development.  I will post here once I feel all major development is done on the Pro version (v 1.*).

Drag n Drop and 2x1/1x2 Tiles may not get into METRO UI until v2.0.  Again please have patience.  I do plan on adding these features.  The constraints of my current design seem to make it impossible at the moment.  So it may take a major development effort (hence v 2.0).  In the mean time I may try to add a "priority" property of each tile that I can sort on.  That way you can at least re-order just not via Drag n Drop.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Custom Icons in METRO UI

Custom icons are more-or-less available in METRO UI (BETA).  I suggest using the gallery to select icons for now.  I am working on the fix that should allow custom file managers to work as well.  Here is an update on some of the requests and where they are on my priority list:

1. Fix issues with custom icons
2. Long press tile to Edit/Delete
3. Updates to Status Bar (new icons: WIFI, Bluetooth, Vibrate/Silent)
4. Custom tile color

Started looking at, found it will require LOTS of work:
1. 2x1 tiles.  I am using a GridView and it does not allow column span.  So this will require a pretty large rework :(
2. Rearranging tiles.  Again the GridView does not seems to be very friendly for drag-n-drop.

Very low on the list:
1. Widgets.  My experience is that widgets really slow down the system.  Since my goal is a lightweight get-in, get-out launcher, if widgets slow it down too much they will be removed.  When/if they are implemented it will most likely be on a separate screen.  Accessible from the menu(?)

Anyway, if I missed anything I apologize, I was doing this from memory :)

On a side note, check out this screenshot.  Submitted by bamick823 on XDA.  The icon pack is available from ubergeekinc on DeviantArt.