Thursday, January 20, 2011


It has been a while, but I have managed to carve out some development time.  With my other projects fairly stable I have moved on to a home replacement that imitates the new Windows mobile environment.  I still have plans for my other projects but they are a lower priority for me right now.  My METRO UI project is currently in BETA and a work in progress, so please be patient.

My major obstacle for this project is not actually owning a new Windows phone so everything I am doing is based on demos.  The other major issue is that Android does not allow access to notifications from other applications.  So in some cases I have to reverse engineer (via logs) how to grab unread/notification counts.  It is a long process and specific to each application.  So again please be patient.

I would just like to thank all of those that have taken the chance to send me constructive feedback.  It really helps.


  1. Hey, love the app! This will hold me over until WP7 is released for Verizon. I like the updates. The custom tiles is nice.
    I look forward to being able to move tiles around maybe have the messaging tile for email/texts show how many messages are waiting for you. More custom tile Icons. All in all I like this better than the other WP7 UI app out there.
    Thanks for your hard work on this and I will be checking daily for more updates and hopefully the full release.
    I'll also continue to post if I have any suggestions!
    Thanks again,

  2. Just downloaded this app today and i like it alot. Hope more tile sizes are available the rectangle shape not only squares and more icons fo we can add other stuff on the home screen like y messenger and mail. Calculator another icon for the browser etc.... all in all im waiting for your updates! Awesome job

  3. This is a good start I recommend a wifi icon in the status bar as well as icons for music and contacts

  4. To help give you a better idea, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go to a local att store and play around with the phone. In the latest update the images on the tiles need to be bigger. Great work though! I love metro UI. Try to add a few more animations and realistic traits and this app will be gold! Thanks

  5. Hi, my device is a HTC Desire Z (Vision)... and I can't see the tiles! It's all black.... this is the screenshot:

  6. You have to add them. Press and hold applications in the menu

  7. Very nice work, this app is good, but a few options are missing fo rit to be great:
    - As you said, counters for other apps
    - The possibility to arrange the tiles (another way than removing and adding again in the new order)
    - Calendar tile should show the current date and if possible the corresponding events or at least the number of events for today.
    - Customizable tile size (
    - Album/Gallery tile should allow to display a picture or display the latest picture as the default gallery widget
    - Possibility to have "folder like" tiles (grouping apps in a tile which can grow while you tap it.)

    I'm running it on a stock HTC Desire and it runs very smoothly. The only issue I had is that I cannot add Angry Birds and Angry Birds Season as both come with the same name and replace each other

    Thanks for the great job.

  8. Another great addition if possible would be to have live tiles. Such as weather there it would show ur current weather, kind of like having widgets within the tiles

  9. Since the latest release BETA I have noticed when tap the top right tile the fourth tile down on the left side will sometimes do the bounce animation instead of the tile I have pressed. It is intermittent and doesn't happen every time, but I have noticed it on several occasions so I thought I would pass it along. I'm running the UI on Droid X. Great App and I'm looking forward to each update no matter how big or small!

  10. Thanks for the great app! You might want to check on this:

    Im running on android 2.2.

    Overall is great, thanks again!

  11. Hey, thanks for you launcher. It's really awesome!
    I'd also like to ask you if there is possible to get the code and make my own updates to it? maybe help you out? :)

  12. Fantastic!! I love this. The only thing I would love to have is a live weather tile. Keep up the great work!