Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Digital Clock

While I was figuring out all of Android's preference framework, I developed a simple digital clock widget.  It has a simple background that can be turned off.  You can also enter a format string for both the time and date.  Here are a few common format strings:

  • 24 Hour: HH:mm
  • 24 Hour (no colon): HHmm
  • 12 Hour: hh:mm a
  • Date Options: 
    • E: Numeric day of week
    • EEE: Shortened day of week (Wed, Thur, etc.)
    • EEEE: Full day of week (Wednesday, Thursday, etc)
    • d: Day of month
    • M: Numeric month
    • MMM: Shortened month (Jan, Feb, etc.)
    • MMMM: Full month (January, February, etc.)


  1. Hi,
    I really like your Digital Clock Widget, especially because it is so customizable. But I am missing one feature which would it make perfect for me:
    The possibility to choose an application which starts when I click the widget. Now it opens its settings but I would like to open the (alarm)clock.

    Thanks and bye,

  2. I agree with Julian, I would really like your widget to open an alarm app of our own choosing. For me this would be "Alarm Clock Plus".
    Keep up the great work. This is a beautiful and simple app that works a treat.
    Many thanks

  3. I really like this widget but it's showing me wrong week number of year. Now is week number 3 but this widget keeps saying that now is week number 4.

  4. Would be nice to display alarm, also when click the widget - go to alarm settings