Friday, August 27, 2010

Signal Strength Widget Pro Version

Several people asked for configurable options.  I added that ability in a "Pro" version of the widget.  The following is a list of the configurable options and what they do:

  • Show Background
    • Displays/Hides a background image for the widget
  • Show Operator
    • Displays/Hides the operator name
  • Show dBms
    • Displays/Hides the numeric signal strength indicator
  • Use Generic '3G' Indicator
    • Instead of displaying the specific technology used (i.e. Ev for EvDo, U for UMTS, H for HSPA, etc) the widget will group all 3G technologies into a group and just display 3G.

Both widgets are still very much in beta so please be patient and send me any enhancements or issues that you find.

1 comment:

  1. Where did the pro version go from the android market place? I had purchased it and it is no longer on there.